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Read Write Web

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Interesting RWW Sites


Some Favorite Quotes


"In our media 2.0, web 2.0, post-media, post-scarcity, small-is-the-new-big, open-source, gift-economy world of the empowered and connected individual, the value is no longer in maintaining an exclusive hold on things. The value is no longer in owning content or distribution. The value is in relationships. The value is in trust." --Jeff Jarvis


"The digital age undoes all of these assumptions, changing the nature of knowledge and even of meaning itself. We are entering the age where to understand something is to see how it isn't what it is." --David Weinberger


"They are beginning to gain comfort in the context of the knowledge that is out there. They are beginning to question differently, seeing how current events fit in with past, and future possibilities. They are easing into the global flow of information. They are young teenagers, between 12 and 14, they are in the slow land of the freeway and feeling their way, but they are on the freeway and in the flow of the information and that is what counts for right now. As a teacher of teenagers, I want to help them into this flow in a way that is understandable and safe for them. I want to help them over the on ramp. This is messy business with kids. Schools have given the mindset that knowledge is neat and cleanly boxed. As adults we know better and we need our kids to clearly see this as well." --Clarence Fisher


"Blogging or writing in communities has the potential to change that. It has the potential to help us create in our classrooms and our schools communities of learners who approach learning as engagement with epistemic texts, learners who see writing and reading as cognitive tools, who understand the value of thinking through texts. However, the big challenge for the 21st century educator is to teach these skills, to teach students that writing can be a tool, that texts should never be seen as definitive pronouncements. If we succeed, students will understand that writing is not about creating finished pieces that conform to specific criteria." --Konrad Glogowski

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