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Camp Links

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Here are some of the links I will be sharing during my talk at Summer Camp in Ellicotville, NY.


Personal Learning Process Links:

    • My learning is self-directed and continual. I have built a learning network based on affinity and passion. I can learn anything, anytime, anywhere.





New Literacies

  • Reading/Editing:


    • The first shift here is that quality control and organization of information now come POST publication, not before it. The individual and the network have the responsibility to check for accuracy and to "folksonomize" content.
    • The second shift is that reading is no longer limited to text. We need to be literate in consuming all sorts of media.



  • Writing/Publishing:


    • What's changing here is that writing is becoming more transparent and more collaborative. The expectation is that knowledge will be shared back, and that publishing become a part of the knowledge making process (much like science.)
    • Second, writing is no longer limited to text. We can write in many different forms of media.
    • Third, texts are no longer just containers; they are pointers, linking to other valuable sources of information.
    • Finally, Read/Write Web tools allow us to communicate in ways we have not previously been able to. E-mail is dying.


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